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“a person who goes off or travels around in search of amusement, fun or adventure”*

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- *Gallivanter definition from Your Dictionary.

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The Origin Story

I started The Gallivanters’ Colouring Club during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people relax and explore different parts of the world, all from the safety of their home.

I realised that, as a designer, one of my favourite parts of working in any medium is adding colour because it allows my mind to wander and my thoughts to settle.

With everything happening in the world, it could become a bit overwhelming at times and I felt that other people could really benefit from taking up colouring too – it’s enjoyable and unstrenuous!

Colouring is for life and not just for Crises

For me personally, taking a little time out for myself, giving my mind some space, slowing down and focusing on something creative helps me clear my head and regroup. I have found it is beneficial internally to my mental wellbeing, no matter what is happening externally in the world outside.

Plus as a member of Gallivanters’ CC, each month I will surprise you with original artworks inspired by a fresh, new destination from around the world for your travel/exploration/curiosity fix.

You reap the thought-processing, mind-settling, calming benefits of the time you spend colouring.

How does it work and what’s included?

On the 1st of each month, I deliver 3 original artworks, created especially for club members, directly to your inbox. Convenient and hassle free - no more searching for something to colour.

You can then either download and colour in digitally on your device or print out and colour in using your favourite pens, pencils, paints, pastels, collage, anything!

Partway through the month I invite you to join a live online art class exclusively for club members. In the interactive session, you learn how to colour in one of the artworks in a particular style chosen for that month.

Subscribe below and you will receive all this for £10/month.

I’ve added lots more information in the “Nitty Gritty” section below so please read it thoroughly before subscribing and if any of your questions remain unanswered, just drop me an email.

Why current members joined

“I love being creative. It makes me happy.”

“A method of relaxation.”

“It gives me some dedicated time to sit and just enjoy being creative.”

“I’m hoping it fuels my creative flair.”

“To improve my colouring skills.”

“To learn about the different places that the drawings depict.”


And Finally

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to. If you have any questions, do get in touch and I will answer them for you.

I can’t wait for you to join us as a Member inside The Gallivanters’ Colouring Club for a spot of peaceful, calming, vicarious globetrotting! See you on the inside!

Until next time, ciao for now,


Founder of The Gallivanters’ Colouring Club aka. Gallivanters’ CC

Instagram: @gallivanterscc

Facebook: @gallivanterscc


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